AUP - Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy

Service restrictions
You agree to use our services fairly and legally through our terms and to prevent us and third parties from being affected by any malicious or unsafe environment. More examples of prohibited content or links include (but are not limited to):
1. Upload content that is prohibited by law in Malaysia, United States or the location of the service, including but not limited to: illegal gambling, introduction of crimes, etc.;
2. Spamming (including unsolicited email, search engine spam, doorways, form spamming, etc.);
3. Mass mailing of any type;
4. Denial of service (“DoS”) or other attacks (whether outgoing or incoming);
5. Hacking (including situations where a VPS was hacked);
6.Distribution of malware/viruses, with or without your knowledge;
7.Port scanning;
8.Cryptocurrency mining;
9. It is forbidden to embezzle and bind non-self-service IP;
10.IRC activity (client, server, bot, etc.);
11.Distribution of trademarked or copyrighted content (e.g. mp3s, movies, etc.) that you do not own or have a valid license to distribute – we honor all DMCA complaints;
12.Cracked software, unauthorized replicas, counterfeit and illegal items, and the like, and links to such content;
13.BitTorrent (trackers, clients, files, links, etc.);
14.Nested virtualization (e.g. running Qemu) – Docker is a permitted exception;
15.Open proxy servers (due to abuse committed through open proxies);
16.Open DNS resolvers, open port mappers, open NTP servers available via UDP protocol (due to DoS amplification attacks);
17.Tor relays and exit nodes;
18.Pornography and other sexually explicit content;
19.Data mining, crawling;
20.Using abusive language towards our employees, spamming our support ticket queue with the same question or issue, threats of any kind, and any other conduct we reasonably deem unacceptable.
21. It is forbidden to install Windows series operating systems.
The foregoing are just examples of our overriding policy that you may not abuse our services. If we determine that you are in breach of our reasonable policies (including but not limited to those described in this ToS), we may suspend our services to you indefinitely.
Without limiting the foregoing, repeat infractions of our policies may incur a $50 administration fee per incident, and may further entail suspension of all our services under your account until this fee is paid.

Server bandwidth and traffic usage limit
1. The service marked bandwidth is the peak bandwidth (not exclusive bandwidth), please do not occupy it for a long time (continuously running for more than 30 minutes), otherwise it will be 20%-50% of the peak bandwidth of the speed limit
2. When the bandwidth traffic marked by the service runs out during the subscription period of the order, the service will be suspended. It will automatically resume until the next subscription period.

Abuse handling policy
• Each cloud host can reinstall the system 5 times a month. If you exceed 5 times, you will need to pay a handling fee of US$2 or a work order to explain the non-evil usage.
• The following occurrence of continuous occupation of mother server resources for a long time:
70% of the single CPU core is occupied continuously for 2 hours or more;
70% of disk read and write I/O continuously consumes ultra-high frequency read and write requests for 2 hours or more and within 2 hours;
70% of the bandwidth outlet is occupied continuously for 30 minutes or more;
The system automatically shuts down your service or slows down. If it appears 3 times, the system automatically locks the service until it expires.
• External scans for weak passwords or ports are monitored and complained, whether active or passive, lock the service until it expires.
• Misappropriating or maliciously binding another person's IP, whether active or passive, lock the service until it expires.
• If copyright (pirated) content is complained by the computer room or copyright organization, whether it is active or passive, the service will be locked until it expires.
• Sending out spam or spam is complained, whether it is active or passive, lock the service until it expires.
• Large-traffic DDOS attacks (attacked or actively attacked externally), the empty route blocks IP for 48 hours, and locks the service until it expires.
• Intranet attacks, ARP hijacking, whether active or passive, lock the service until it expires.
• If there is 1 serious complaint such as phishing or fraud or more than 1 complaint under the account, all services under the account will be handled according to the actual situation, including but not limited to: lock to expiration, immediate termination (delete directly without backup time), etc. .
• If you apply for a refund and repurchase multiple times (referring to 2 times or more) within a natural month, we will have the right to treat it as a malicious purchase and may refuse to refund.
• In accordance with laws and regulations, when administrative, judicial and other competent departments request assistance from this site, we will cooperate with relevant departments to provide relevant data in accordance with the law while protecting the rights and interests of users as much as possible.
If there are no special instructions, all of the above descriptions will lock the service until it expires, you can give 1-2 hours to back up the data, and the lock will be automatically executed after the time expires, and the service will be automatically deleted until the expiration.

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