What is affiliates?

Get Paid for Referring Customers to Us

Our affiliate program is one of the highest paying in the industry.

We pay 22% of ALL payments for services ordered via our affiliate program.

We offer Instant payouts – no need to wait for your payment to be processed!

Minimum amount for payout: $20

Payout can be made via PayPal or to account balance.


Special Note:

Affiliate links must be followed naturally by real individual users of a website who are not paid to follow the links. We may review the use of our links to make sure you comply with our policies.
If we are unable to verify the source of visitors to our website through affiliate links you use, we may refuse your requests to withdraw funds.

The following practices are strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban from our affiliate program:
1.Cookie-stuffing (i.e. loading affiliate links by using an invisible image) and similar techniques;
2.Using affiliate links to order service for yourself or your family, or on behalf of someone else;
3.Offering cash back or any other monetary incentive to visit affiliate links.
If, in our sole discretion, we determine that you have violated our affiliate link policies, we may suspend our services to you and refuse your requests to withdraw funds.


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