My IPv4 is banned by GFW. What should I do now ?

First do not panic and do not create many tickets for this ban issue !

If you ordered has a new vps within our 24 hour guarantee period and you find that you received a blocked IP when your vps was setup , we will give you a new working tested IP for free . Note that this will not be treated for refund case . Just open a support ticket , Click here.

If your vps is older, you can wait a few days or change to a new IP, but note that GFW can detect most software at the moment. Also contact your isp to remove the ip from the gfw firewall if possible.

If we change IP immediately , it will get blocked again and we will run out of ips. Mind you this is not our network issue, it is a block by the Chinese government firewall.

The cost of ip change in case of old vpses is 5 USD.

Usually, IPs are banned during any important events in china. To prevent your IPs from getting blocked, you can shut down the vps before the start of the event and boot it up only after the event passed, you can also contact your friends in forums, blogs and instant messages apps to be updated of such upcoming events.

You can test if your IPs banned here

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