• Saturday, November 19, 2022

Use the balance to pay the gift of more than 10 US dollars, each account is only gifted once.


Account recharge 100 US dollars balance, give away 10 US dollars account balance.

Account recharge 200 US dollars balance, give away 30 US dollars account balance.

*The gift of USD will be credited to the account the next day. Choose one of the two, each account is only given 1 time.


Activity Details:

1. The offer is only valid for the account balance of recharge of 100 USD or 200 USD and above

2. The gift account balance will be added to the account balance on the next day, no need to apply separately

3. An account can only participate once (choose one from 100/200), and multiple recharges are only given once

4. Attention! Account balance is non-refundable and non-transferable! For new/renewed online products only